PUP – JAB Junior – 10/15AMP

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Product Description

This device is designed to provide peace of mind for you and your family  when you go travelling.  This is a weatherproof device.

The JAB or PUP Life saver are two new products that are bound to save your life. With a special earth leakage circuit breaker that can detect electrical shorts and “switch off” before anyone is hurt; or worse, electrocuted.  This protects your electrical wiring against overloads and detects electrical shorts.  You won’t have to worry at all, these products do it all for you.

The PUP is the junior version of the JAB and protects tents and vehicles between the site power and the 10AMP power outlet in the tent or vehicle.  It is fitted with a power outlet so that you can plug your appliances in and offers further protection.  Simply plug it in.

The JAB protects Caravans and Campervans between the site power and the power inlet on the side of the caravan.  It is fitted with an inlet socket so that you can install your solar panel inverter and offer further protection.  Simply plug it in.



Additional Information

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Dimensions 15 × 15 × 35 cm